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  • Country: USA
  • State: Washington
  • City: Kent
  • Address: 24913 104th Ave SE, Kent, WA 98031, USA
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These plumbers where available at the shortest time and did an excellent job. Thank you.

Chris K

I called several local plumbers to get bids for the work I needed at my home. I called and spoke to Dennis from the Kent, Gary Fox Plumbing & Heating location. Over the phone he was very pleasant and professional. He agreed to a bid for the job. Yet when his plumber arrived the bid amount more than doubled. I was also given an expected amount of time the job would take and it was three times longer which made me late for work. I was shocked because over the phone I told Dennis that I found most plumbers to sound sleezy over the phone and I wanted them to do the work because he (seemed) straight forward and professional. I was concerned about someone trying to dupe me once they arrived. I called Dennis while the plumber stood in my kitchen. He reassured me over the phone that he would meet me in the middle because there was more work that he thought. Not really! He just wasn't adding in the cost of parts over the phone apparently so the price would seem lower, but added the additional cost once they arrived. We agree to the price in the middle and then the plumber argues with me that he can't do the work for the amount agreed upon. SO I had to call Dennis yet again! Then the plumber finally started working. He did 5 out of the 7 things I needed done, that we agreed on. His statement to me was that he couldn't do all the work we'd agreed on for the amount we agreed on. WHAT?!? I insisted he finish the main job and I'd call Dennis to clear up this situation. Dennis reassured me that he would personally come by the next day to finish the ONE last task which should have taken less than 20-30 minutes tops. SO then, when the plumber was leaving he said "well I can only give you the price agreed if you pay me all in cash." I informed him that I wasn't prepared with cash as I made the arrangement to pay with my bank card. He said "well I will need to follow you to the bank then if you want the price DENNIS agreed to." So off to the bank we drove. He then told me he would not give me a receipt because he needed to not charge tax in order to make the price work. I was again SHOCKED at their business ethics and demanded a copy of the receipt which after agruing infront of the bank he handed a copy over. So back to the remaining job that needed to be finished... I called the next day when Dennis had the nerve to no-show me. He claimed it was an oversight in his schedule and he apologized. He again reassured me that he would come the next Monday since it was a Friday he missed. I said that was fine and I appreciated him prioritizing finishing the job as agreed. Well, needless to say, he never showed up so I called him again. Which was followed up with another excuse. In the end - Dennis as someone who represents Gary Fox Plumbing management: misled me, allowed his plumber to try and rip me off with the work I paid for and then ripped me off himself by never finishing the complete job as agreed and paid for. I am disgusted by their unethical business tactics of bait with a nice person to answer the phone, then switch and rip you off face to face. BAD BUSINESS PRACTICE!

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