All Successful Australia Plumbing Companies

We call ourselves us in Australia because we are always just a phone call away. Anytime your business has a plumbing emergency, Plumbing Portal will be right there 24/7/365. As a small business ourselves, we know firsthand how important it is to partner with reliable vendors. Let us be your reliable partner for all things plumbing:

  1. - We perform all plumbing repairs and replace all pipes and fixtures.
  2. - We repair and repipe broken, crushed or burst pipes.
  3. - We can handle all of your gas supply and maintenance issues, including gas pipes and gas-powered heating equipment.
  4. - We will quickly fix or replace your broken boiler, furnace or water heater.
  5. - Afraid you might have a gas or water leak? Call us for on-the-spot water and gas leak detection.
  6. - We address all problems related to public restrooms. We understand that you cannot afford to have a non-functioning restroom, and our team of specialists is prepared to quickly resolve any issue that arises.
  7. - We provide backflow testing services to make sure your water supply remains uncompromised.
  8. - We clean all types and sizes of drains, no matter what the commercial application.
  9. - Hydrojetting commercial pipes is an important way to stay one jump ahead of potential problems. Our commercial hydrojetting unit will come in and rid your pipes of accumulated waste, sludge, and corrosion.
  10. - Not sure about the exact nature of a plumbing problem? Relax, Speedy Plumbing has the know-how to determine precisely what the problem is. We use inline video sewer and pipe inspection to look deep into your pipe network and find clogs, leaks or busted pipe.
  11. - Should your commercial establishment need it, we provide repair and replacement of sewer pipe, using trenchless technology wherever feasible so as to minimize disruption to your business in AU.