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  • Address: 3910 W 27th Ave, Kennewick, WA 99337, USA
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2 Review(s)

Came to buy a water heater. Ask for assistance so we could schedule a deliver and installation. Had two people say they will have someone come, one came back and said he is on his way. 15 minutes later, a no show. So we just left. Customer service is crap, do yourself a favor and go to Lowe's.

shawn middleton

Say no to the carpet install!!!! When the job was complete the installer showed me around the area and asked me what I though... I mentioned that there were a lot of fibers left, and his response was "you should be able to vacuum those up pretty easy". Pay for a service... don't expect to clean up after it as well. But that was just the beginning. After continued observation I notice a sizable piece of sheet rock punch in one of the walls. It was not pointed out, but left for me to find on my own. When asked about it the installer in charge says "oh ya, one of the kickers slipped and hit the wall, that should be an easy fix". Well if it was such and easy fix, why is it now 6 months and I am still left with a hole in my wall! I contacted the company and after a month of calling them back, they want me to arrange to have three quotes taken, send in those quotes, pay for the work and they will reimburse me. This is how Home Depot and Carpet Pros do business? Will I also be reimbursed for my time making phone calls and waiting for the drywallers to come make quotes and them the repairs? Why is this my job to fix their mistake? At this point I am not expecting much from the company. If I can get the dry wall installer in will I get reimbursed? Or will I have to have to wait through more phone calls? My suggestion, go through a reputable company that does quality work and backs their installers and the job they do.

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