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Hayden McCall

You guys lost my business. Had a gentlemen come out on Saturday to measure the house for new flooring. He created a wonderful 2D layout of the house that he was supposed to email me so I could use it to get an estimate on different flooring types. Never receive the email of the floor plan. Called the store twice this morning trying to get a copy of the measurements. Spent 45 minutes on hold two different times getting bounced from department to department, only to end up in the same voicemail box twice. There is nothing worse than having to deal with a retail store on the phone, and this was just another shining example. Taking my 4000 sq. ft. of business elsewhere.


We've had the most incredibly horrifying experience with this store. We ordered and paid $2,000. for window blinds on August 26, 2012 and today, December 18, 2012, they're still not all delivered, let alone installed. We've had a) deliveries that arrived damaged; b) deliveries that never made it because the delivery person went to the wrong address; c) deliveries that came on the wrong day; e) one delivery was intended for a customer in Michigan but was somehow sent to us; e) orders that got lost in the pile. Not just one or two, but four (4) months of mishaps. The personnel at the store have no idea where the materials nor the installers are at any given time. The "Home Depot Installer" keeps saying "we can't help, we're just subcontractors." And of course they didn't answer calls. The only time the installer was truly helpful was when he wanted to take away the old defective blinds, possibly so he could make minor repairs and sell them himself. But as far as picking up the material and bringing it to the house, forget it! Although he could certainly carry the blinds away, he was not willing to accept delivery and bring them to our home when we asked. All of this could have been avoided had Home Depot placed one person in charge of monitoring all deliveries and installations. All in all, I've taken four afternoons off from work waiting for installers or delivery persons who never appeared. I've had to leave work in a hurry three other times when unscheduled deliveries arrived and I got a call from some delivery guy saying he was at my door. We also wasted hours of telephone time. I own a business and if I ever treated my customers this way, they would do more than go elsewhere, they would throw rocks at me! Honestly, It would never cross my mind to treat one of my customers so poorly. In truth, the blinds are very nice and the price was right. However, we compared them with the blinds in our old home which we purchased from a local small business and discovered they are the same make and the price difference was only a couple of hundred dollars. However, the major difference was that the small business representative came one day, then returned again a few weeks later with the material and installed them, and the entire transaction was completed in a couple of weeks rather than four months. In fairness, Home Depot is a good retailer. Their paint is good and most merchandise is good quality. I will continue to shop there, however, I will never rely on them for installation of any item. They truly owe my wife a sincere apology for embarrassing her when her family comes to visit during the holidays only to find windows covered with shower curtains.

Kenny O

Terrible experience with this home depot's flooring department. We ordered carpet for our entire house on June16, 2013, cost like $5,333 dollars (1,300 sqft). Two weeks later when the contract installers came to install, I find out that the carpet was defective, There wasn't enough glue on the backing (so it comes off quite easily) and worst of all one side of the grey carpet was white and other half was grey. I refused to install them after all that we paid. We called to complain and to find out what happen. The installation supervisor was only able to get us $200 credit on the order after taking half of a day off work from work to move all of our stuff. We reluctantly agreed to re order the same carpet, they said it would be in 7 days from when we re ordered (we paid for the 7 day shoot out). Called a week and a half later they said it was in production and had to be inspected twice since the first order was defective and won't be ready until August 12 or so. We cancelled our order and went some where else. Good luck if you use them.

dakshina walgam

The project order was placed on March 16/2013. Cupboards arrived end of April and then the nightmare began. Housecrafters was the subcontractors for the kitchen and USIG was the subcontractors for the flooring. All of the subcontracting was by Home Depot. The initial ripout and disposal of the kitchen was completed in two days without any issues. Then floor had a solid subfloor. The flooring was one SQ foot tile.What happened is on the day the flooring guys were supposed to show up they came in looked at the floor and took off. As I was not home and a friend let them in I could not talk to them. My friend did give my number and tell them to call me. All they said was there was a issue and took off. It took two weeks of contstantly calling HD simply to find out what this " issue " was. No one called me back with this simple info. At this point I got a subfloor contractor to evaluate my subfloor though I had no idea what the "issue " was with it. He evaluated and said there was absolutely nothing wrong with it. Two days later a USIG manager and HD regional manager show up and they come up with a price change of $ 2000 for 160 SQ FT. That is on top of the $ 2200 I had already paid. Granted two people from HD had come and inspected the whole kitchen on two differant times prior to the conract been given to HD. Obviously the floor was there when they came. After a back and forth I had to insist on a refund for the flooring and got a another vendor to put in the floor. They had no issues and placed the floor in 72 hrs. Granted by now the delay was going into 4 wks since ripout of kitchen. After five weeks housecrafters sent person to place cabinets. At this point it was discovered a wrong cabinet was ordered. Order was placed for new cabinet. Granite was then placed and one week later house crafters sent their person back to complete. It was then discovered that the order for the cabinet had actually not gone through. The worker came in for four hours and did some minor adjustment. I had to plead with him to place a water line to the refigerator which then he did. I asked him to place hardware on cabinets. He said it was frinday and his frame of mind was not there to place hardware as his train of thought was disrupted by the missing cabinet and the granite issue. He stated that the granite was too tight on stove and could not move it. So one week later granite people arrived and pulled the stove out without any issue and to make housecrafter happy they trimmed the granite. Then finally after about another 3 wks the cabinet showed up. Finally housecrafters sent there man to complete the work. He did this over two days. The work is subpar at best. While this whole project was going on New appliances were delivered from lowes. the stove has been repeatedly damaged beyond use. For this entire episode I was contstanly on the phone. I was insulted by the office worker at Housecrafters, repeatedly. My calls to HD were never returned. They acted like they were doing me a favor. Five months after the project was given to HD I have a subpar kitchen, destroyed stove ( no replacement in sight and unusable ) and project that would need a proffesional to come in and fix up. I do not step foot in HD after this. In my opinion keep whatever kitchen one has is better than doing bussiness with HD or housecrafters or USIG.

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