Goettl Air Conditioning and Plumbing Las Vegas

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  • Country: USA
  • State: Nevada
  • City: Las Vegas
  • Address: 6521 W Post Rd Ste 1, Las Vegas, NV 89118, USA
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5 Review(s)
Kari Spoelstra

I called in the morning. They arrived in the afternoon. They gave me the exact price prior to my authorizing the work. We had a leak in the kitchen faucet. The faucet was replaced with one I purchased at Home Depot. It was quick and easy. $376.00 for a Saturday afternoon appointment. Worth every penny. Very convenient.

Rich white

I am very impressed with Roy’s work. The reason why I am impressed because I don’t have the money nor the credit at the moment. Roy has a lot of patience and diagnosed everything that could be wrong with the unit. He knew I was working on a budget knowing I just found a new job and I am working on to get my credit better to get new units. Anyway Roy fixed my downstairs unit which has been out for quite some time. He was extremely polite the whole time never freaked out in anyway. He was a real person not a robot he knew what I was going through but business is business he charged me what he had to to get it going. Which was significantly lower than new units of course. When I do get new units I would love Roy to be part of my install somehow if it’s the actual install or field supervisor as long he is a part of it I would be confident that it would get done efficiently and correctly. Roy represents Goettl very well and this company is lucky to have him as part of there team. As everyone on here can tell I am very pleased and grateful for him. As a side not I don’t want a salesman to sell me a unit I want Roy to sell me one. I know he is a field guy but I like field guys there not trying to meet a quota and he knows what he is talking about.

Bill Hammer

Excellent, timely service. Superb technician, Roger, went far & above for maintenance of 3 units on our house. As a person who is familiar with the construction industry, it was refreshing to observe and discuss the work which Roger performed. He was completely honest, professional, forthright, neat, highly competent, and cleaned up after maintenance. Roger alerted us to potential issues, which we knew might exist, but were impressed that he informed us without attempting a hard-sell for potential repairs. Our family appreciated the entire experience and highly professional service Roger executed on a very hot day. His performance reflected highly both on Goettl, as well as personal pride of accomplishment.

Jonathan Danyew

My initial service by Goettl was excellent. The A/C tech saved me a couple grand by suggesting I replace the condenser fan motors myself. I was so impressed by his knowledge and service that I signed up for their semi annual service plan, which includes plumbing inspections. However, they have now cancelled the plumbing inspection twice now, two weeks in a row that I had appointments scheduled. Both times they gave same lame excuse that their techs were on some really tough jobs and could not make it to my house. Also, today I had a second appointment scheduled for the water softener and purifier. They stated that this was a new service they offered and required a separate appointment. When the customer service person informed me they were cancelling my plumbing inspection today, I asked him about the second appointment. At first he was confused and didn't know about the second appointment. When I told him it was for the water softener, he quickly said that the tech performing that inspection was helping the regular plumbers on the 'really tough jobs'. Convenient. Something is not adding up here. Looks like I'll be cancelling the service plan since they won't show up to honor it. This is worse than the cable company....

Mireya Stepner

Goettl did a great job. I am a widow with a disabled son on a very fixed income so I was hoping for a little break in the price which was a little high. But they were very polite and worked very hard to get everything done as quickly as possible. I recommend them.

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