Comfort Doctor Heating, Cooling & Plumbing LLC

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  • Country: USA
  • State: New Mexico
  • City: Santa Fe
  • Address: 2774 Agua Fria St, Santa Fe, NM 87507, USA
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5 Review(s)
Dick Thomas

The Comfort Doctor team just finished and upgrade to our mini split heating and cooling system. They did and excellent job, were easy to communicate with, and were nice people to work with. They did and excellent job of cleaning up after themselves and in covering furniture and surfaces from dust and dirt. We would definitely use these guys again.


Worst customer service. Was rescheduled 4 different times last year. Decided to give them another chance and scheduled them for a furnace check and AC maintenance. They called and said that they will have to reschedule me again and that the person who will do the AC check will not be able to do the furnace check. So in turn, I am having to take off two separate days of work to get this job done that could essentially be done in one day. Very frustrating being that I took off the day from work and am now being rescheduled yet again. I would not recommend them due to their inconsistency with scheduling. Gabe has always been a great tech, but I am not happy with the scheduling department.

Lelah Larson

Prompt response, knowledgeable and professional employees, cost was commensurate with the service. I highly recommend this company. We need more like it in Santa Fe.

Vin Maggiore

Back in late 2013, our company hired The Comfort Doctors to install an AC unit. Last year, 2017, we needed a simple adjustment made to reroute the air return because it was causing a draft in the office. The return vent just needed to be moved 2 feet, to the other side of a wall. The Comfort Doctors ended up cancelling and re-scheduling the appointment 3 or 4 times. l ended up calling another HVAC contractor to do the job. Early June of this year, our AC started to trip the breaker. l called Rich, since he had installed it. Rich came out and discovered it was a grounded compressor. The compressor is the most expensive part on the unit. Even though when we bought the unit Rich had said it was warranted for 10 years, now he was saying that Trane, the manufacturer, would not warranty the unit because “it wasn't maintained by his company every year since we bought it.” (We were not told at the time of installation that this was required.) Rich wanted to completely redo our system including our heating system, saying it's just going to break again if we don’t. Rich tells me it's going to run anywhere between $6000 - $8000 dollars –"but we have a financing company so don't worry,” he says. (And he told me he was giving me a big discount!!) “Just tell the financing company ten grand. l'll have the papers for you to sign right away.” I then asked Rich before l sign off on a $10,000 dollar loan, l'd like him to email me the breakdown on the price quote/ estimate. Rich became obtuse and said he's never had a customer ask for an estimate before getting the loan; and if l don't hurry, l won't get scheduled in. (Our company depends on a climate controlled environment, and it’s getting hot). Rich said, “l thought this was an emergency?” - Then says, “your estimate is easy. lt's between $6000 - $8000.00.” Rich may be a great salesman but it's clear to me that he's not very good with the science of HVAC systems. l called and got a diagnosis from three other HVAC contractors. l told them my story and every one of them thought the $6000-8000 estimate was way over the top. One of the contractors called Trane AC company and Trane said the compressor was still under warranty and l wouldn't have to pay for the part. The estimate from the new contractor is $1500.00. The HVAC contractors that fixed my unit said The Comfort Doctors over charged the freon when they installed my AC unit and that's why the compressor burned out. lf you're considering using the Comfort Doctors, I hope this review has been helpful.

Dana Moore

Above and beyond the call of duty. They made an emergency service call the day before Thanksgiving and saved the day!

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