Kaiser Plumbing

5 reviews
  • Country: USA
  • State: Texas
  • City: Houston
  • Address: 9317 Sweetbrush Dr, Houston, TX 77064, USA
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5 Review(s)

I do not recommend this company at all. This was the plumbing contractor for Censo homes. Since im under warranty I had to use them. Ive made several attempts to have someone come and address a plumbing issue. And I've yet to get someone to come over and fix it. I called last week and demanded to speak to manager. I spoke to a Jose who claims to be the owner. He give me his phone number and instructed me to send a text message and he would call me back to let me know when someone can come to fix the issue. I've yet to get a call back. I'm just in awe of the unprofessionalism.

Lan Jackson

This company is awful. They came out to assess a plumbing job. Never sent report or invoice. Every time you try to call, the woman name Luis has amnesia. Romero does not follow-up with customers. This company is trifling. Do not recommend this company to anyone in Texas. Poor customer service. Poor listening skills.

Mae Liz

It took me three days to have someone actually show up to my office after I was told someone would be there that day! I kept calling asking if they were coming then later in the day on the 3rd day someone actually showed up. The plumber I had the chance to work with Jesus was really helpful when he was here. He told me what my issue was I asked him for a quote/work order and he said he would send it when he got to the office. Well after a week of calling and emailing this establishment I STILL have yet to receive a quote!I really want to give them NO stars I would! This company is just completely unorganized!

Abraham LoveyLopez

This isnt so much for the company, as it is for an unnamed individual emplpyed by the company. A can from this company tried to kill us on the road; he got over WAY too slowly, and this angered the man immensely. He proceeded to chase us down, break check us, attempt to drive his VAN INTO US. And, for no real reason. Hope there is justice because that will get someone seriously injured or killed.

Marcos Hernandez

Best customer service

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