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  • Country: England
  • State: West Midlands
  • City: Wolverhampton
  • Address: 75 Birches Barn Rd, Wolverhampton WV3 7BL, UK
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  • Monday: Open 24 hours
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5 Review(s)
Rachel Winter

Didn’t turn up on the day he was supposed to. When I phoned him, he made an excuse and came another day. Luckily, we only had him to fit a pipe extension for a dishwasher and my husband stayed in the kitchen with him the whole time. Normally we leave trade men to get on with it, but there was something about him that made my husband stay. It’s taught us a lesson not to take recommendations from Facebook. Just glad it wasn’t worse.

Concerned Citizen

The type of man that steals from his own kind. A tradesmen that steals tools from the garage that's MOTing his van. Absolute scum

Chris Rowler

Cannot believe maz as a trusted friend of over 6 years he robbed my dirty armani underwear from the laundry basket whilst working on my boiler in the next room. Used My toilet after a number 2 and did not even flush!! Absolutely disgusted with this thief's disgusting behaviour!! Left my boiler in "extremely dangerous" condition according to British gas!! Wrapping pipes with ptfe tape only which still leaked everywhere!! Cost Me thousands to replace boiler after his dodgy repair!! BEWARE!! DO NOT USE!!!

stacey jane

This man is nothing but a low life, he has stolen my grandmothers ring whilst servicing my boiler. I did not think it was him untill seeing the videos of him on facebook stealing from a friend of his who has been moting his veichles for years but now thinking about it thats the last time i had seen my late grandmothers wedding ring. I cannot believe i let this so called trusted person into my home. And he went through my dirty washing too, when i questioned him on that he had stated he had knocked the basket over and was putting it back which i believed untill now atleast i no not to have this man back into my house again. Discusted with this so called trusted person. Also my boiler completely broke less than 2 weeks later and i had to pay out for a whole new one. Please just be careful people about who enters your house.

Anthony Martin

After seeing the video on Facebook of Maz caught stealing tools from a garage whilst they worked on his van, I dread to think what he'd take from your home...

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