Action Jackson Drain Cleaning

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  • Country: USA
  • State: Washington
  • City: Edmonds
  • Address: 23930 Hwy 99, Edmonds, WA 98026, USA
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5 Review(s)
Geoff Trowbridge

these guys were great. Quickly did a sewer line hydro-flush, removing all the roots and provided a video on youtube. Much better than the overpriced estimate I got from Mr Rooter

Linda Leong

They are very honest on price, and very good service, I have rental house in south Seattle, my tenant called southWest plumber, they came in look at the drain, and told us it takes few thousands $$$, in order to fix the problem, but action Jackson got the job done with 1/3 of the cost. We have been used them on all out rentals when comes to drain issues. They are the best.

Andrea Pratt

These guys are AWESOME!!! Family owned local business. Honest and fast. They were so nice and went above and beyond. So so happy we found them. Much cheaper than anyone else. Highly recommend!!!!

Jesse Le

I’ve used this company for years on dozens of my own properties as an investor/owner. I’ve also referred them to dozens of home owners I’ve worked with on several occasions throughout the years. I always had good service and was happy with the result whether it was a simple sewer scope or a side sewer repair adding clean outs or replacing an old broken line. With such a long history, I was very surprised when this most recent sewer scope I had done ended the way it did. We were doing a routine sewer scope for a home inspection that required a toilet to be removed. This isn’t anything out of the ordinary since he home didn’t have a clean out. The toilet was removed and put back and the sewer scope was clear. Shortly after he left, the inspector noticed a small amount of water on the floor in that bathroom. Upon further inspection we realized the valve had been damaged during the process of removing and reinstalling the toilet. The leak itself wasn’t the issue. I made the call and they came out and fixed it but they ended up charging me $250 to do the repair and blamed the valve being old for the leak. This was a home my buyers were in the process of buying and still occupied by the sellers. There was no leak when we got there and there was a leak when he left. I begrudgingly paid the fee as I wasn’t really in a position to argue about it since we were in someone so home for an inspection and the sellers would be back at any time. I don’t believe it was right to charge us for this repair especially considering the long time relationship I’ve had with this company. On another recent experience, just weeks before the the one I mentioned above, I had this company perform a main line hydrojetting on a property that was in the process of being remodeled. They came quickly and performed their service. A couple weeks later when we hooked up toilets and faucets etc, the main line was still clogged. I had then come out again and they hydrojetted the entire line to the main where, apparently, some roots had been clogging the line. I was charged over $600 twice for this service. I didn’t argue then either since I just wanted it clear but the incident with the toilet valve made me rethink Working with this company anymore. In the past if I had any issues they were quick to correct them but I hardly ever had any issues. I’m not sure if there is new ownership or if policies have just changed but I’m not happy either way. I consider myself a reasonable person and if others think I’m over reacting on this review, I will remove it but I don’t think I’m over reacting and I believe others will agree.

Ashley Allman

Great customer service on the phone, and in person. They responded quickly, gave a fair price and took care of our drain backup easily. We really appreciated that they were willing to give us a price range over the phone as well. Very few plumbing companies offer that much transparency. Thanks to Reid as well for getting the job done!

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