Apple Valley Plumbing

3 reviews
  • Country: USA
  • State: Washington
  • City: East Wenatchee
  • Address: 16 Garden St, East Wenatchee, WA 98802, USA
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3 Review(s)
Barney Randolph

These guys saved my house and my wallet! Good prices friendly people and quick response times.

Nathan Heath

The guy was lazy when showed up 3 hours late. He just walked around didn't do anything. He complains about the tank not being located and exposed. I have no problem doing manual labor. Is what I do for a living. The office never told us. Then the service man told me that the owner of my house (which is me). Is in Seattle and we have to wait to get permission to dig. Then said he will have a back how come and dig it up. At that point I told him to leave. And before any thing was done after I called in the morning I was already charged the service fee. Which I asked for a refund since no work was done.

Anita T

Avoid using them if you can. After multiple emails and a phone call they messed up my order and delivered an extra porta pot. I had prepaid for what I did order because they could not figure out that I was not the same person as someone else who owed them money (never mind I had a different name, email and phone). Then they sent me a bill not only for what I had already paid for but also for the extra porta pot. I dont know how these people get their shoes on the right foot each morning they are so unorganized and unable to read an email.

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