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  • State: Washington
  • City: Bothell
  • Address: 18333 120th Ave NE, Bothell, WA 98011, USA
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4 Review(s)
Logical Pawn

Garage door Installation: Visited the store and found no one was available to take the order and have an installation appointment setup. Went back again and had to face the same thing also left my name and number, waited for couple of days no one called. Third time I was cautious, I called before going to the store and the customer service told me to come to store for selecting garage door opener anddddd no one was there. I went to customer service what happened, they said the person just left. I left my contact info again still no luck. It has been 20 + days, no response.

Karen Fuller

So here is an update on my Home Depot Customer Service Nightmare. Oh, that's right, you don't communicate, so let me give you the whole story. I ordered flooring on April 13, 2017 online. I received an email stating that it would be delivered between April 24th-April 26th. I took a vacation day on the 26th so I could install it. It did not show up. On April 27th (TODAY) I stopped by the store in Shoreline during my lunch. I was told that they only had the information I had on the tracking site, which now said NO DELIVERY DATE instead of April 24-26. They asked if I could wait while they called and checked on my order. 20 minutes later they told me that they had called UPS in Redmond WA and that my flooring would be delivered today. When I got home TONIGHT there were TWO boxes of flooring. I ORDERED 12. I called the stupid customer service line. The stupid customer service person blamed all manner or things, the web site, UPS, the supplier, etc. , then put me on hold for 10 minutes, only to get back on and complain that she was on hold with UPS. I hung up. I called back later thinking that MAYBE they had figured it out. I thought WRONG. I went through the whole thing again with another stupid customer service person, was told that they could arrange a discount and get this straightened out, was put on hold for 15 minutes, then told that UPS had delivered 2 boxes (DUH I KNOW THAT) and that UPS had 4 more boxes that they could deliver later this week. REALLY? I ORDERED 12 BOXES DO THEY THINK MY FLOOR SHRUNK OR SOMETHING? The stupid customer service person then asked if I wanted to send what I had back or wait for the 4 boxes. I reminded them that I had ORDERED 12 BOXES. I asked what on earth were they thinking. He had no answer except to apologize and say that 4 boxes were what UPS had. I hung up. I have now wasted a vacation day, an hour on hold, $780 and have 2 boxes of flooring. Now I know how Home Depot stays in business. They take your money, waste your time and deliver 1/6th of your order with no communication what so ever. Oh yeah, I requested a text when they were delivering and have not received ANY COMMUNICATION AT ALL FROM HOME DEPOT. "Less doing, less saving, more lying, less communication, more time-wasting and a big rip off at the home depot."

Dan Finnigan

My shopping experience here is like any other big box store - prices are decent, they have a great inventory for one-stop home project shopping, and the employees are basically useless. My wife and I made the huge mistake of buying laminate flooring and having HD install it. The planning, scheduling and actual installation went OK, until 1 month later the floorboards started separating. We filed a claim, HDhad the installer come inspect it, called it a product defect, HD filed a claim with manufacturer (Pergo), Pergo had an independent adjuster come inspect it, they ended up denying the claim, HD ended up blaming the problem on the installer (3rd party company - Romanoff Installation, which was actually great to work with - I will be giving them a glowing review), installer denied the claim so in the end HD had to eat the cost of a complete floor replacement. In the end, yes, we did get replacement floors installed. BUT, this process took 5 MONTHS and over 100 phone calls to HD (no exaggeration - I have the phone logs) and the so-called local service department, which is impossible to reach and never returns calls. During the entire process we were completely in the dark about what was going on or the timeline or anything. Long story short - THINK TWICE about hiring HD for any kind of home project. Go with local companies with actual professionals who care about their customers.

Guy Madison

I can't believe this place is still open, if it were not for the low prices they would be closed. The place is staffed by old women and largely people that just don't know anything. I called last night on an order, and they hung up on me... then this morning on a transfer to the same department they hung up on me again. Then the quote came in all wrong and the claim that"we can have this installed in a week or so" became 3 weeks. But they could install a different more expensive item in 72 hours. What a joke.

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