Harbor Plumbing Co Inc

5 reviews
  • Country: USA
  • State: Washington
  • City: Oak Harbor
  • Address: 676 W Oak St # A, Oak Harbor, WA 98277, USA
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5 Review(s)
S Crawford

Called them to fix a water pressure issue in our master shower they were friendly, fast, knowledgeable and fixed my issue... Very affordable as well. I will be using them again for our main bathroom. I don’t know why the negative reviews. I have to leave a message and they return calls quickly. I would give them a shot.

AJ Ellens

I called , they scheduled a time they would be at my house, never showed up. Wasted 4 days waiting for them for a simple kitchen faucet installation. The owner is an idiot, when he called me back the day they were to install the faucet, he was mumbling and what he said did not make sense. He talked to my wife later and said time is money, we can't waste time looking for your house......and told her they were not coming. The house has been here 20 years, house numbers are at the driveway entrance.... clearly visible......I guess I'm fortunate they never showed up, what an unprofessional business owner, I have been building houses and commercial buildings for 40 years, never met an idiot like the owner of Harbor Plumbing in Oak Harbor....... my rating would be a minus one star if that choice was available

Cynthia Clinkscales

Off and on for 15 years we've had a good experience with Harbor Plumbing. They just fixed a major problem for us in our home. Gene S. and Tim are kind, courteous, professional and knowledgeable. We have never had a negative experience with this company. I have no problem paying them a fair price for good work done.

Unhappy Homeowner

Wow. Just sad Bob was not this bad before, moved back to town recently was not the same quality as before


I called to see about having this company do some work for me and was very shocked by how rude they were right away. I introduced myself and said the name of the company I was calling from and the guy who answered immediately said "I don't have time" and nearly hung up on me before I was able to get out the words "I was looking to have you do some work for ____ company". Once he realized that I was not a telemarketer like he obviously had assumed then he listened for a minute, still seemingly rather rude and annoyed that he was being bothered by the call. Apparently I was outside of his service area he very rudely rushed me off the phone. Worst service ever.

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