Maple Valley Plumbing

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  • Country: USA
  • State: Washington
  • City: Maple Valley
  • Address: 23312 Maple Valley Hwy, Maple Valley, WA 98038, USA
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4 Review(s)
Joe Riordan

I had a 1" water line that I excavated and needed a coupling which I couldn't find at my local Home Depot so I called Puget Sound Plumbing- Wow, what a waste of my time!! They wanted $842 + tax= $900+ to install a simple fitting that would take maybe 10 minutes. I sent them packing with their tails between their legs. That's shameful! Their excuse was amazing: "We charge flat rate." So even though I found the leak, excavated it and even cut the leak section out and showed them exactly what they needed to do, they wanted to charge me as if they did the entire job! This outfit is both incompetent and so full of themselves simply because they think they can get away with it. Fortunately I fixed it myself for about $20 but I feel really bad for those who don't know better. What compounded my frustration is I asked the dispatcher what it might cost and she said that the field techs have complete control over the repair estimate because they see what's needed but the field tech sounded as if he was helpless since he was just doing what the book says. Well someone needs to fire the techs because they are clueless about business and how to win customers. Puget Sound Plumbing lost my business forever and hopefully anyone who reads this.

Harmony Singer

We've been using Maple Valley Plumbing for a year now and they have been our go-to plumbers. They are exceedingly knowledgeable and have the best rates in our area. Strongly recommend!


For what I was quoted to fix a leak in one toilet, I could've went out and purchased two brand new toilets. They were at my house for 5 mins, and I had to pay them $100 flat fee just for showing up. I won't be calling them again.

Robert Everett

This place IS NOT Maple Valley Plumbing. It's Pudget sound Plumbing a division of SW Plumbing. Maple Valley Plumbing is in Ravensdale. Dave's a great guy and I highly recommend him. Pudget Sound Plumbing has done nothing work for me. Thus I have no option about them other than they tried to steal the job I have for Maple Valley Plumbing.

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