E Z Flow Sewer & Drain Services

5 reviews
  • Country: USA
  • State: Pennsylvania
  • City: Kingston
  • Address: Kingston, PA 18704, USA
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5 Review(s)
Bill Hughes

These guys are a bit rough around the edges, yes, but they came immediately when I called for a very stubborn blockage. They couldnt get it last night so, they came back this morning and cleared and then showed me the video of the inside of the pipe. They saved me hundreds over the other guys (I have experience with the other guys) and they couldve just told me it was totally blocked last night and I wouldve had a crew in to dig up the street and cost thousands but, they came back and investigated further until they found the problem and cleared the line. Definitely would recommend them for honesty and price.

Jonathan Harter

Very quick to call me back on a Sunday night. And we’re at my house 8 am Monday morning. No one wants to have to pay to get their sewer main cleared but if you do and you want it done quick these are the guys to call.

Usja Ksols

This company cost me more stress than my backed up sewer. They came and cleared my pipe and said they stuck the camera down to find problem. They were rude and didn’t even attempt to clean up after themselves. Tracked mess in and out of my house. When I asked them to explain the problem he got very abrupt and acted like I didn’t believe him. They told me the problem was in road at the main. They told me the city I live in doesn’t fix the problem in the road. Not true. Borough is responsible for it. They said they cleaned out pipe. It backed up again within three weeks. When I called them to let them know the borough needs a copy of what they found with camera they said they don’t have it. Borough called them for copy and they told the borough problem is in the road. When they asked for a copy they said I never requested it. I didn’t realize it was something I had to ask for. Ok. So I call them and I say can you come do it again because I really need this camera down for the borough to fix the problem. The son said yes but now they were charging me almost double than what they charged first time. The father called back and said he would have to go get dvd’s And check if their equipment even worked. Hmmm confused because they said they already sent camera down. So I assume it worked. So I waited all day for them to call and four days later they still haven’t. In the meantime I called someone else. They came out immediately and the problem is nowhere near where EZ Flow said it was. The borough had contractors lined up to rip up the road because they said it was at the main. It isn’t even near the main it is in my yard which is quite a ways from the main. So borough not responsible. There is no way they could have missed the problem if they really sent a camera down pipe. I have dealt with a lot of contractors thru the years and these plumbers were about the worst I have met. I paid them for clearing a pipe that was never really cleaned out and a camera view that I don’t think they ever did. When I asked them to come ba ck out to do it again they never even returned the call. I would recommend never even calling EZ Flow to flush your toilet.

M William

Owner and son came to the house, and within 2 minutes the father used the F word. He did not have to trouble shoot any issues as I instructed them where the block was and already removed the main trap cap. They even utilized some of my tools for the job. They were there 20 minutes and was overcharged for the work done. To make matters worse, they left and did not clean anything up. I would advise you to NOT utilize their services.


The guys came to my home to clear a blocked main sewer drain. They offered to come the day I called or first thing the next morning. They were quick and very thorough. Got the job done and I was extremely pleased not only with there service but also with their fate rate! Thanks guys!

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