Blouch Performance Turbo

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  • State: Pennsylvania
  • City: Lebanon
  • Address: 1925 PA-72, Lebanon, PA 17046, USA
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4 Review(s)
Psi Mike

I’ve been running a Blouch 16gXT for quite a few years now. The turbo is well made and does everything that it’s supposed to. I’m considering a larger turbo in the near future and Blouch will continue to hold its place in my engine compartment. You won’t be disappointed if you choose Blouch Performance Turbos!

LS Turbo Man

Fast service and excellent prducts.

Michael Schafer

Worst Company I have ever dealt with. I bought a Blouch 16XT Turbo from these guys. When we put the turbo in with other supporting mods everything fit perfectly as stated. We Primed the turbo 3 times before starting the car and everything still was good. My Previous turbo failed on me due to a oil feed line that got clogged so i also bought the blouch oil feed line as well. After installing and prep with a new oil (5w40) we started tuning the car on a dyno. The first two pulls were good but the 3rd I lost power completely. So we looked the car over for anything that popped of and nothing. So back on the dyno and all we could hear was a grinding noise coming from the turbo. We took everything apart to find out the New turbo we just put in and not even been running for more than 30 min, has failed on us. We were running on low boost at 15lbs so no real big numbers yet. We were shocked the turbo went. The Headache part.. After finding out it was the turbo we called up blouch asap since i was out of work while this was happening. Blouch said they couldnt cover warranty until they could see the turbo and see why it failed and that could take 2-3 days. That really stunk to hear but ok we will send it in. We sent it in overnight shipping and it got there the next day. Blouch got back to us and said the reason the turbo failed was from coolant that was in my oil. Yikes right? But we were pretty sure but not 100% positive that this was the issue. But we did an oil change before installing the new turbo so we were pretty sure there wasnt coolant or we would have saw that. Well blouch kept arguing and said well we wont issue warranty because our test shows coolant and told us the next step would be to get my oil analyzed. That also stunk cause that could take up to 2 weeks. I paid more money to get my oil checked out asap because like i said i was out of work and now loaning a car. Oil was checked out by Dyson and the report came back saying NO COOLANT was in my oil and that nothing from my car was the cause of the turbo to fail which meant, Turbo was just defective. It was annoying and a long process since this was about the 3rd week of arguing with Blouch about this topic. We understand that everything made has defects and things fail. But now that we had our proof that my coolant/oil was not the cause that Blouch claimed to find coolant in my oil in the turbo was false and basically a lie. They were trying to have me pay an additional $600 for a rebuild which i was not going to do since i just paid short of $1k for this thing. I sent the official email from dyson to Blouch and they still were not going to issue the warranty after I did EVERYTHING they told me to do. So I argued with the manager Mike, (going on the 4th week) about what was the point of me doing the oil test if you already made up your mind that you weren't going to cover it. Also whats the point of having a warranty if you dont cover anything. They also claimed to have a less than 1% fail rate. If you follow or look up forms theres a voting page that has blouch turbos and it shows 30% people have had the same issue as me. Mike was still not willing to issue the warranty even after our leak down/compression test were almost perfect as it should be with a brand new engine. We've about had it with mike at this point. So I left a message with the secretary to the owner with our issue and i received an email an hour later from mike saying this. We are going to give you warranty, but we don't agree with the attached oil test. We will do a good faith warranty with the understanding if your next turbo fails and looks like this we will not cover it under warranty. We dont believe that the turbo they claim to be mine was actually mine. My tests were done professionally, out of state and not by my shop. We think they were trying to scam us for another 600 bucks. My final numbers were 311awhp on my 2007 WRX. The turbo feels great and no issues. But the process to get here was terrible. Even tho the turbo feels fine. I will never deal with this company again.

Justin p

Amazing products, 10/10 customer service, and some of the most reasonable prices in the industry. They just earned a lifelong customer!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

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