Speedy Rooter & Capital Plumbing

5 reviews
  • Country: USA
  • State: Pennsylvania
  • City: Dover
  • Address: Dover, PA 17315, USA
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5 Review(s)
Michael Mendez II

I was charged $265.00 for them to leave saying that it was most likely tree roots going into my line. I now have more water in my basement than before they came and a broken access cap.

Sharon Anderson

Called and explained my problem. They sent two people. Charged me $180 took and did nothing but tell me I needed a new subfloor. Which I already knew and had told them when I called. I will never call them again!

Doc Morales

I recently had the misfortune of dealing with Speedy Rooter . I had a clogged drain line that needed snaked. While the job was being done there was feces and other biohazardous waste being spilled all over my floor and walls. I brought down two towels an sat them near him hoping that he would get the hint. To no avail. Then he hooked into my water heater for water to flush out my line but never turned it off the whole way when he was done. Causing yet another flooding issue which was not noticed right away. When I called back to the shop, the lady with whom I spoke with said he's there to unclog your drain line not clean your floors. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??????? When I asked to speak with the manager she said I am the manager. Don't you think that a $3.00 roll of plastic and a bit of "attention to detail" could have avoided this situation? I will NEVER use "Seedy Rooter" again nor will I ever have anything good to say about them. Do yourself a favor and DO NOT USE this business. Look at their negative reviews people. AWFUL!!!!!

Dannie Keen

Had two of these young guys come to my house in the winter time. Stopped up sewer drain line. They said it was frozen so they could't fix the problem. I wasn't home. When I came home my wife was hysterical after dealing with these two She was a little scared because they were overbearing and nasty. She wrote them a check for $275.00 and I had her stop payment. I came home, went in the bathroom and found the commode sitting in the middle of the floor. The bolts on one side of the commode were loosened and still tight on the left side. They lifted the commode up and broke the flange at floor level. There was a fresh break in the plastic flange. My deacon and I found toilet paper in the 90 degee elbow going into the ground packed really tight. We cleaned it out. The commode wax ring was ruined. They offered to come back but I would not let them because of the damage already done. Now they want to sue me. I am going to pay them after they pay my invoice I am sending for the damages. I have plenty of pictures of the damage. They ere here about 15-20 minutes and done this much damage. I am Pastor Dan L. Keen in charge of a great church serving a God that cannot lie. I have no reason to either.

Joseph Hagan

Technician Dave came within the assigned time (0800-1000). Friendly guy, thought he fixed my issue, however 5 minutes after he left the leak started back again. I called and he turned his truck around and came right back! Didn't charge me for the return visit and apologized. Seems like the issues has been taken care of, I'll update this review if necessary! Price was $165, they mentioned they charge $160 for the first hour plus parts plus $35 for every half hour after the first.

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