Vince Marino Plumbing, LLC

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  • Country: USA
  • State: Pennsylvania
  • City: Pittsburgh
  • Address: 3324 Dawson St, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, USA
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  • Monday: Open 24 hours
  • Tuesday: Open 24 hours
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5 Review(s)
Oliva kk2

My business had a plumbing problem that needed to be taken care of immediately. I called Vince Marino Plumbing and Vince told me he would be able to come and fix the problem right away. Vince was at my business less than an hour later and he fixed my problem for a good price. Vince also gave me preventative maintenance tips that I can do to help prevent future problems. I highly recommend Vince Marino Plumbing and will call him again the next time I have a plumbing problem.

Shi Jiqiao

Vince is very knowledgeable and efficient! He communicates very fast and get straight into the issue. He was able to help me found a leakage and diagnosed that it was on the PWSA side to take care of. Saved me tons of money and work! His price is also very competitive!

Chris Kudrick

Great job, very thorough and responsive. Finished a job for me on short notice and charged a reasonable price for some plumbing work for my bath tub. Great service and I would use Vince Marino again.

Tony Weisenburger

UPDATE: After posting this review on Yelp and Google reviews, he called and left two nasty voicemails THREATENING TO SUE ME for "slander" if I didn't take down this review. After I didn't return his calls and blocked his number, he threatened me via emails and text messages, which I have attached to this review for proof. While my attorney found his threat quite hilarious because reviews are protected by freedom of speech, I'm horrified that some people might actually retract their reviews after receiving such a threat. Horrible business practice. Vince, if you don't want people to write bad reviews online, try being a more ethical business person and don't threaten people. I would have accepted a simple apology, but since you decided to threaten me instead, I am definitely not taking my reviews down now. My original review that he threatened to sue me over is below: ---------------------------------------------------------- Knowledgeable plumber and it seems like he charges fair prices, BUT be warned, he will lose his temper and THREATEN YOU if you do not take his advice or go with his service. When I chose not to use his services, I told him I would GLADLY pay the service fee (which is $90) for him coming out to assess the problem. Then, he angrily responded that I was jerking his chain and complained about me calling him in church even though I had no idea he was in church at the time (he did not give me his personal schedule). He also threatened to send the bill to collection agency if I did not pay, BEFORE he even sent the bill to me. What kind of business owner does that? I paid you a fair price for your time. There was no need to make personal attacks and threaten to send to collection agency. Also, his website is dishonest by only accepting reviews of people who rate him positively (hence why I came to Yelp and Google reviews). To anyone doubting his threats, please see the texts and emails that he sent me.

Laura Lash

I have an old victorian row house and Vince knows all about these properties. I was able to schedule an appointment quickly, he came out and inspected my foundation plumbing. He diagnosed my issue (or rather confirmed the lack of issue) and recommended preventative solutions I might consider for the future. He sent me a copy of the video for my records later that week. He educated me on how my system works and was very detailed. His fees were very reasonable. I would definitely work with Vince Marino Plumbing again.

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