Kocher's Water Pumps & Tanks Inc.

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  • Country: USA
  • State: Pennsylvania
  • City: Bath
  • Address: 2786 W Beersville Rd, Bath, PA 18014, USA
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5 Review(s)
Brian Burzynski

TRUSTWORTHY AND AFFORDABLE! I had Maitz Home Services come 5 years ago and paid way too much for a new well pump. 5 years later my water stopped working. I called Maitz and they were nice enough to come out and diagnose the problem for free. They found that the well pump went dead and tried to sell me on a completely new constant pressure system for way too much money. I called Kocher's Water Pumps & Tanks. They came out first thing the next day, looked over everything, and started asking questions like "Why do you think you need a new tank?" Ugh, because the last guy told me this one is old and will die soon?? Within 10 minutes of arriving they pulled the pump up and found the problem. The wiring Maitz Home Services put in 5 years ago looked like a rat's nest and was rubbing against the side of the well for 5 years until the wire wore through and sheared off. No new pump, no new tank was needed! They fixed it for a FRACTION of the cost!

Doreen Vogt

I called Kocher left a message, received a return call in a very short time, was told they would be at least 2 hours before they could get to our home, they called to verify that I still needed their services gave me prices of service call and hourly rates. I agreed to have them come out, they arrived at the house, very nice young men they got right to work. We asked a lot of questions, they we very knowledgeable. They explained everything that they were doing (as we sat like spectators) We will definitely recommend your company to others. They explained that we will soon need a new holding tank, and we will be calling for that service also.Thank you very much!

Allison Roess

Horrible experience all the way around for having a geothermal well drilled. Do not let them on your property Update: After my review the owner emailed me asking me to change my review stating that was it unfair and stated [not asked] that he would come to our house to discuss things this weekend if he did not hear back from us. I replied: “This transaction is over. Do not come to out home. I’m sorry you feel the review is unfair but it reflects our experience of the contract and has very little to do with the landscaping issue. Please do not contact us again.” He then emailed me the following: “Unfortunately you know nothing about weather, rain, and construction. We are known as the best at the geothermal and recommend by national organizations. I see you and Mike do not communicate either.” Angry, defensive and personally insulting. This is most communication we’ve received from the owner during whole contract period. Obviously it’s not been positive or productive. In response to the owners reply: The difficulties on this job go far beyond dissatisfaction with the final grading of the job site. They started on day one of the work when his crew arrived at the the job site completely unprepared to perform the contracted work. As a result they left within about one hour of their arrival. They showed up the next day yet again unprepared to perform the contracted work. The crew called the owner and was told to just deal with it because the owner couldn’t get them the correct equipment. As a result the job was significantly delayed due to circumstances that were easily foreseeable. During the course of the work, the crews would disappear for long periods of time with no communication from the owner. The owner was NEVER at the site during the work execution and NEVER communicated status to us. On multiple occasions he became quite angry and defensive when we contacted him to inquire about project status. He also failed to notify his crew of buried gas lines of which he was aware. As a result, his crew dug into a gas line. Because he is so difficult to work with, the company installing the geo equipment made the repairs to the gas line at their own cost and without involving the owner. The owner failed to execute the terms of the contract. Specifically he failed to leave a 1 foot mound of dirt in areas that his crew disturbed. Further, the owner failed to perform any restoration on multiple ruts left in the yard by his crews failure to use protective matting while driving through the yard on multiple occasions. Further still, my husband had multiple discussions with the owner about performing the restoration of the yard and agreed to certain terms. The results of these agreements were not communicated to the crews that subsequently came to the job site and thus, the work was not performed properly and resulted in more testy communications with the owner. Finally, the owner does not know how well the geothermal system is functioning because he has never performed a single test to verify the functionality. As for pictures and videos, I am sure that many of them show the results of MANY hours of restoration effort made by my husband.

Jared Schreck

Great service and awesome job!

Joseph Goldfeder

I moved into to a new home and within hours of owning it, I notice a leak coming from the water line in the basement. I found Kocher's online and a gentleman was at my house with in an hour to fix the leak. Absolutely great service!

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