D M Williamson Sewer & Drain

4 reviews
  • Country: USA
  • State: Pennsylvania
  • City: Sharon
  • Address: 43 White Ave, Sharon, PA 16146, USA
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4 Review(s)

Always kind and courteous. Does an excellent job for a very fair price. Highly recommend . Also it’s a shame that someone decided to get their friends and family to post additional reviews about the very same incident, and frankly I don’t believe it happened that way at all. Mr Williamson is a very nice man & very polite.

katie buck

Please dont ever do business with this man!!! He was extremely rude to his employee. Who he stood over degrading him the entire time he worked. He said multiple times (i lost count) “what is wrong with you?” “Why cant you just do this right?” “You’ve done this how many times and you still cant figure it out”? “You better get this right! I have a bad back and you know i cant do these things” He came to snake my toilet as my two year old had flushed some small toys. When confronted on his attitude toward his employee he asked if he could say something, he told me i need to learn how to teach my kid not to put toys in the toilet. (Duh ????) I said he is two and he now knows if he puts toys in the potty it will break it. You are an adult that should know how to treat people with respect. Especially your employees. He repeated I sign his pay checks i can treat him how i want, and that i need to learn how to parent.

Sue Haynes

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!? Rude and Ignorant to employees and customers! Downgraded and basically told emplee he was stupid in front of a child. When confronted he said the way He was treating him employee was ok because he signs the paycheck. Also gave some "not so nice" parenting advice to the customer.

Shelby Harkless

Rude to employees and customer. Showed poor character in front of children.

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