Raecon Plumbing & Heating Inc

5 reviews
  • Country: USA
  • State: Pennsylvania
  • City: Pittsburgh
  • Address: 500 Ridgemont Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15220, USA
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5 Review(s)
Denise Capozoli

Naz is great! He has fix a few plumbing issues in our house. Always comes in a timely manner !!!! Highley recommend him !!!!

Ryan Thomas

Naz did a great job with my tankless water heater installation. He was available to come give a free, same-day estimate. After we made the agreement, he had the job done within a week. Would recommend.

Ben V

We contacted him as we are remodeling and needed work done before the kitchen counter is put in on the upcoming Friday. He called and scheduled to come out today at Noon. It is now 245 and still no plumber, no phone call or text. Thanks a lot. I've seen in other reviews this is typical.

Josh DeMarco

Called Raecon to see about having my furnace replaced. Someone named Naz(unsure of spelling) arrived at my house within 30-60 minutes of my call and seemed personable and professional. Made plans to have them come the following Monday to install the furnace so I would have a few days to borrow some money from the credit union. About two days later he started calling me to ask if he could get the down payment sooner. I kept having to explain to him that I had to get the money and that is why I was not having them put in the furnace until the following week. Monday came, I took off work so they could install the furnace only to have them call a few hours late and say they weren't ready to start it. Same thing happened the next day. Finally they were ready to start after I had lost a few days pay at work, although even the day they started working they still came a few hours late. A couple guys showed up and had installed the new furnace within the day. I looked at the furnace, everything looked fine, I paid them and they left. he said a final statement would be mailed out, which I needed to get a rebate from the gas company for the new furnace install. After he left I noticed they had left garbage all over my basement, I had to pick up various food wrappers from the floor, flush the toilet for grown men, and also noticed a large purple stain about a foot wide from where someone had spilled PVC primer/cement on the floor right next to the furnace, then sat the can directly in it leaving the imprint of the can. After I went back upstairs to the living room I noticed that when I was sitting on the couch I could hear and feel the floor vibrating as I sat on the couch when the furnace would kick on. The same happened in every room on the main and top floor of my house. I called Raecon back and he said someone would come to my house to look at the furnace, and acted like he was completely unaware of the stain on the floor, but that he would bring some sandpaper and try to sand the stain out of the cement floor. I then had to call him almost every day for 3 months as he would continue to either tell me someone would come look at the furnace then not show up, ignore my call and maybe respond by text message a day or two later, or just tell me he was sick and not at work that day. I also had to continually ask about the final paperwork until my rebate was eventually rejected because I couldn't provide verification of the new furnace that was installed. Finally months later someone came to my house and replaced the broken blower under warranty and had their secretary provide me with a receipt/final paperwork for the work that was done by fax. The worst part is that replacing the broken part took all of 10 minutes, and the paperwork provided was just the original quote with a few extra things scribbled on it, which was sufficient but very insulting that I had to call them non-stop for 3 months straight just to squeeze about 11 minutes worth of work out of them, especially considering they did not even have to pay to replace the broken part themselves since it was covered under warranty. They also did nothing to address the large stain on the floor next to the furnace.

Ashley Sciulli

Naz... Told me he could fix my bath tub on Tuesday well uts tuesday and he is not here i tried calling the last several days to confirm a time and now he wont answer my calls I HAVE CASH IN HAND FOR HIM AND HES IGNORING ME call bruni plumbing instead!!!!!!

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