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  • Country: USA
  • State: Pennsylvania
  • City: Horsham
  • Address: 316 Easton Rd, Horsham, PA 19044, USA
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  • Monday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
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5 Review(s)
Robert D

Donat came by our house once and told us he could do the drain jet to clear out our outdoor drain system and look with a camera to detect issues. When we were ready to do the work, we talked again, he seemed like a decent person. and he said he'd stop by to look at it again. That was 3 weeks ago. Meanwhile there have been a few heavy rains and serious wall damage in our basement so we really needed the pipes cleared outside. We never heard back from him IF he indeed did stop by to look at the situation. I then called them for 3 weeks, every few days to let them know we wanted to work with them and please call us. Since weeks were going by, I mentioned EACH time that I hoped they did not have some sort of family emergency, to be polite and thoughtful, but please at least let us know if they are too busy to do the work. Nothing, no courtesy call, no heads up that they’re booked but can fit you in in a few weeks, nothing. SINCE then did some research and found out they have a TERRIBLE reputation for giving false estimates, refusing to do invoices they can be held to so they can jack up the price AFTER the job, etc. Their ACTUAL machine message says they will get back to you “in a professional and timely manner” – sort of a Freudian slip that they do THE OPPOSITE! I left a final message asking them that “timely” is NOT THREE WEEKS! Avoid these guys at all costs. Bad rep, very unprofessional communication. Bad rep for false estimates. BEWARE.

Ryan Dunn

My drain kept clogging and backing up in the bathroom. Donat and his crew came out a couple of times to clear it out. He advised it may need to be replaced. I got a few quotes, and went with Donat. He has been in the industry for a long time, his experience and expertise is second to none. They are honest and open upfront. Once he dug up the floor, they found that the job was a lot bigger. This was actually relief because they found that the pipe from washing machine to main drain was completely broken! Every time I ran a load of laundry, or ran a bath, the water poured behind my basement wall. Donat found this because he was concerned about the water in the basement. If they didn't find this my bathroom would have to be dug up all over again in the future! (AND not co He showed me progress along the way, and was very neat and clean (all this in single digit weather! ) Donat refereed me to a private insurance adjuster who helped file a claim and get it paid for! Don't be tempted by the slick vehicles, uniforms and ipads from bigger companies. Drain Xpress is hard working, experienced, and honest.

Qamar Chowdhury

Honest people doing great job. I got the number form Internet while I was looking sewer cleaning company. I called several people and almost all of them wanted and service charge just to come and take a look at the job. When I called DrainXpress I spoke to the real owner of the company. I ask me couple question about the sewer issue I was having in my house and gave me reasonable price over the phone. They guys showed up clean and clear out the sewer line and clean all the mess they even use to deodorize on the floor in basement so the sewer smell will go away quickly. Over all these guys are Honest, reasonable with their price and stand behind their work. I will recommend to everyone. Please give these guys a chance and you will treated a real customer. *****


THIEVES!!!!!! This guy charged me over $15,000 to replace pipes and never paid the sub contractor HE hired. Now, the sub contractor has a lien on MY HOUSE! NEVER gave me a written quote. Took $150 in cash to put a camera in the sewer - NEVER gave me a receipt. NEVER gave us a receipt for the $4500 deposit or the $11000+ balance! Now his phones are disconnected and The BBB has NEVER heard of them. THIS GUY IS A CROOK!!!!!!!!

Jodi McGee

Donat and his crew were a team of true professionals. They came recommended by my plumber who I highly trust and lived up to his endorsement. They handled my issues with a sewage pipe and were easy to work with. I appreciated how they explained the steps they were going to take in advance, checked in if there was an unexpected finding and were conscious of my schedule. The was done well and I am happy with their work.

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