Gillece Services

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  • Country: USA
  • State: Pennsylvania
  • City: Bridgeville
  • Address: 3000 Washington Pike, Bridgeville, PA 15017, USA
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2 Review(s)
Misty Chamberlain

I had an amazing experience with the company. ..will use them again

Steve Wolf

I'm a Disabled Individual that needed a Little Help With a Slow Drain, Here's My Experience With GILLECE Plumbing. I called Gillece Plumbing on Saturday, April 14th, 2018 to come to my home in Bellevue, PA to snake my drain for their $93 Advertised Price on their website because I noticed the water level in the drain of my basement seemed a little higher than I'm used to. Everything is still flowing but maybe a little slower than it should be. First, I saw the WS said the $93 price was "Thursdays Only", but when I called they said that price is good for all days, ok. Lady on the phone said they'd call the next day between noon & 4pm to let me know when someone would be here, but I see 2 missed calls from them at 10:30am, which I didn't expect. They called again at 11:54am and I was able to catch that call. Lady said they'd have someone here within an hour, 20 mins later, the guy was here. **** HERE'S MY PROBLEM WITH GILLECE... The guy looked around a little & asked me to flush the toilet. He said he saw the water level move a little bit. Then, he quickly said " Here's The Thing, I HAVE TO CHARGE YOU COMMERCIAL RATES". [I Guess Because my Home has two porches, BUT HAS NOT BEEN RENTED FOR MANY YEARS. (My Choice), But Mostly Because of My Disability.] When the Tech said that, I explained that I Really could Only Afford to have their $93 Sewer Cleaning Done, And that IF he insisted he had to charge me much more than that, just because at one time my Home was Rented Out, then I Wouldn't Be Able to Have Him Help Me At All. He said he was calling his boss to ask if I could be charged NORMAL RATES. He came back inside a min later and said NO, I HAVE TO CHARGE YOU THE COMMERCIAL RATE FOR ANY WORK. Just to be "CLEAR" Here. My Home's Sewer Line is NO DIFFERENT Than Any Other Single Family Home From ANYWHERE. All he had to do was run a snake in a Very Easy To Access Drain, BUT HE REFUSED TO DO A NORMAL JOB ON A STANDARD DRAIN, JUST BECAUSE HE SAW AN OPPORTUNITY TO CHARGE A DISABLED PERSON MORE MONEY!!! DEAR GILLECE... YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF! Steve

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