Plumbing Aid Rooter

5 reviews
  • Country: USA
  • State: California
  • City: Burbank
  • Address: 2519 Burbank Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505, USA
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5 Review(s)
George Concepcion

These guys have done repairs on my plumbing for nearly four years. They have installed new fixtures in my bathroom, a new garbage disposal, and miscellaneous repairs throughout my 1929 house. Without fail, they're prompt, polite, reasonably priced, and most of all extremely capable. They never disappointed me.

Peter Looney

My kitchen faucet was leaking. I called my home warranty company on Monday. Tuesday Robert from Plumbing Aid showed up and repaired the faucet. No more leaks. Fast and Easy. Thanks

Jenny Monroe

Called Plumbing Aid on Sunday and they came right out saved our house from being flooded from a broken pipe. Plumber Al shower up 30 minutes later, turned water off and quoted a fair price to make repairs. I thought I was going to be without water until because this happened on a Sunday but no... He made repairs and I had water within 2 hours. I am very happy with the service Plumbing Aid provided.

Rob W

Do not use this company! I needed a pressure regulator changed out on my house. I already knew I had a bad regulator. I used a tester I purchased at Home Depot and determined my house pressure was 140psi (should be around 60-70). Anyway, I called Plumbing Aid (because that's the company my home warranty company said to use) and told them exactly what was going on and they set up a service call. Two days later a very young person showed up that acted like he knew next to nothing about my repair issue. He called his company took lots of pictures and wrote down the model number (things I suggested he do). He said they'd get the part and call for an appointment to install the new regulator. Seven days later Plumbing Aid arrives to change out the part. They then inform me that the new part will require them to install about 2" of additional copper piping because the replacement part is smaller than the original. This extra change in addition to the service fee was more money then if I had just called a couple local plumbers and had the job done without a home warranty. Anyway, I wasn't impressed and I will never call this company for anything in the future!!! I ended up making a few calls and having the repair done without the warranty coverage (ended up being much less then if I had used Plumbing Aid).

Matthew Simmons

They would not quote me the price over the phone and assured me they have competitive pricing. But if you do not have them do work at your place, then you have to pay a $30 service fee. They came by to fix a leaky faucet and a wax ring wanted $420 for a 30 minute job!!!! I had somebody else do it for under a hundred dollars. This is an unethical company that preys upon people who have plumbing emergencies.

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