Air-Dee Corporation

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  • Country: USA
  • State: New York
  • City: North Chili
  • Address: 3307 Union St, North Chili, NY 14514, USA
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sheryl Holt

Dave and his brother were absolutely wonderful. I had a leak in my water line that needed the be replaced with a copper line. Dave drills, everything was done under ground. No mess...they cleaned up everything, there was NO mess anywhere....basement or outside. He even filled a HUGE sink hole in the driveway that happened from the water leak. He explained everything to me, and the work was done in a day.....and I had wster again. He and his brother are wonderful. I would highly recommend his service. ..

Leonard Shellhammer

If you have a leak in your water line form the house to the shut off, drilling is the way to go. There is a minimal amount of disruption to your lawn. I needed a new copper waterline from basement to shut off valve in driveway about 90 feet away. They covered everything in basement with plastic and were able to drill a hole for the new line. They opened the driveway and connected the new line to the drill and pulled it back to the basement. Only a minimal amount of excavating. They filled and patched the driveway and repaired all disruption to the lawn. They installed new shut off valves at both ends of pipe and we had water turned back on before end of day. They cleaned up the basement and yard before leaving that day. Very professional. It rained hard that day, and they continued to work through the rain. David and his brothers are a dying breed of tough-as-nails hard working and honest guys. Highly recommended!

Lissa Schaefer

These guys are amazing. Their price was competitive and explained everything they would be doing. They took care of my problem in freezing cold weather! Very friendly, considerate and thorough. And they even cleaned up the mud they tracked in because of the horrendous outside conditions. I HIGHLY recommend them. Hopefully I don't have to use them again but wouldn't hesitate to if I did.

John Snyder

If you need a new water line run to your house, call Air-Dee. Seriously, there is no one better or more reasonable in Rochester that does this job. They were polite, professional, clean, and all skilled tradesmen. It took them about four hours to get through a giant rock underground, but they kept at it, busted it up, and ran my new copper perfectly. The best part is that they use a "missile" drill and were able to bore a hole for my water line without tearing up my yard. Highly recommended!

Audie Young

They were awesome. Ran a new water line from the basement to the road only dug two small holes and they replaced the sod and cleaned so well I couldn't tell they were here.

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