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  • State: Nevada
  • City: Sparks
  • Address: 1995 Boise Dr, Sparks, NV 89431, USA
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5 Review(s)
WhatsItLike !

Some industries have become more transparent over the years but for me the trades have not. I have several rental properties and find repairs one of the most frustrating aspects. We can't be experts in all fields so we hire out for things. That said I can't speak to 'customary' charges for these sorts of repairs and can only offer how I believe a transaction should occur vs. how they actually occur. The tech needed two visits to the property, one to diagnose and one to repair which is understandable. I looked up the average cost of this repair and found $600 - $900. My repair falls just north of the range which seems to be the case for everything in Reno. My frustration arises from the substantial cost to diagnose. Again, this may be standard operation procedure for the industry but I don't care for it. I believe the $963 should be inclusive of the $483 diagnosis. Invoice #1 Labor1 2.25 95 213.75 Labor2 1 95 95 Service Ultrasonic Leak Detection 1 35 35 Material Virgin 410 A 4.5 23.38 105.21 Material Misc 1 10 10 Truck Fee Fuel 1 15 15 Tax 9.53 Total $483.49 Invoice #2 Labor1 3.25 95 308.75 Labor2 1 95 95 Material TXV 1 215.63 215.63 Material Line Dry 1 71.42 71.42 Material Misc 1 10 10 Service Vacuum 1 45 45 Service Nitrogen Leak 1 57.50 5750 Check Service Brazing 1 45 45 Service Reclaim 1 75 75 Truck Fee Fuel 1 15 15 Tax 25.55 Total $963.85

Willem Duyvesteyn

Spencer at Desert Air has provided outstanding services for us for many years. While we are moving to another home, we wilt continue to use his very professional services

Jeri Mac

Anthony came out to our home and recharged our AC unit and gave us a bid to do other work that raccoons had damaged. Spencer then came out to verify the quote and next thing you know we have our AC running great. I want to thank each and everyone of them for their professionalism and their attention to detail. When they left, the area was put back together and clean. I personally want to thank them for being so kind to me. It was truly a wonderful experience.

Shalini Kedia

A simple advice to be be upfront on the costs like travel time, additional cost for truck, going to attic especially when the customer is trying to get an ball park estimate. I was told about an hourly labor charge and material cost. Other charges came as a surprise. When I called office to ask about these costs, I was told if I don't pay they will send it to collections. I was told by the manager I wasted his 25 mins of precious time discussing these surprise charges. Why not save this time by being upfront at the time of the appointment? They did took off my attic cost but their way of dealing with a customer was very discouraging.

Gregor Burstingheim

the actual repair service was good, but the customer service was rude and the hidden fees (attic fee, truck fee, travel time fee, etc.) really added up quickly. I feel degraded and mislead.

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