Absolute Drain Services

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  • Country: USA
  • State: Nevada
  • City: Reno
  • Address: 340 Western Rd # 11, Reno, NV 89506, USA
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  • Monday: Open 24 hours
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5 Review(s)
Ethan Andersen

They seem to be out of business. The website is nothing but an advertisement and the voicemail is full.

Sara Rountree

Called them out to run a camera into the he clean out since the other company we used had a broken camera. They showed up on schedule, very friendly and professional and had the right equipment to provide the right information and suggested a much more efficient course of action. Happy with the service, the experience and the price.

Richard Jensen

Due to my latest experience with this company, I would not call them again. We had a backed up sewer line on Saturday morning. I called and got Mickey first thing, having used them in the past. He said he was unable to come out today, but would call me back in the morning. Not hearing back from him by 9:45 on Sunday morning, I then called him again. He said that his kids do not get up before 10:00, but would call me back. I then received a text saying the he would arrive by 11:00. I had everything staged for him with the septic tank open and the drain in the laundry room opened. Mickey arrived about 11:15 with what I felt was a belligerent attitude. He brought out his machine, asking me if I had an extension cord, which i provided. He placed the auger in the drain line in the septic tank inlet and ran the auger into the line which did relieve the initial backup of water. I then asked him to come inside and help with the slow draining tub and wash machine in the laundry room. He very bluntly told me his was done as he put his machine back into his truck.. Suggested that I apply root killer on the remaining roots, and asked me how I was going to pay for his service. I asked him how much and he replied $300.00, which was somewhat of a shock to me as he only spent less than 20 minutes total. I wrote him a check and he left without as much as saying thank you only telling me that I should use some root killer and have him back in 6 to 9 months to repeat the cleaning. I then spent the next 2 to 3 hours using my hand snake clearing out the obstruction in the line from the laundry room and the bathtub. I simply felt that he was only interested in collecting his money. If I have further problems, I will call someone else.

Cory Laubscher

This man literally just saved my sanity!! After a year of our septic backing up, snaking it and even emptying it to no avail, he came and showed me exactly what the problem was AND how we could fix it ourselves instead of trying to take advantage of a desperate situation! It's been one thing after another in the short year that we've owned this house and I can't tell you how much I appreciate an honest and genuine person at this point. Long story short, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Lisa Wallace

Absolute Drain Service is fantastic. They are very honest and trustworthy. As a property manager, I have the opportunity to utilize our local vendors regularly. Once I found Absolute Drain, there was not a reason to call anyone else. Time and time again, they were able to locate and clear clogs that other companies could not. I can count on always getting a straight answer, a fair price, and the job done. If you need your drains cleared, call Absolute Drain

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