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T Martin

Went in Thursday and locked down delivery of a new toilet, installation, and haul away of old toilet. Made it abundantly clear I needed the toilet installed the following Tuesday and was assured this would happen. Told the associate that I would be unavailable until the day of installation and needed to be certain every detail was covered before leaving the store. She said everything was in place and the only thing that remained was for me to select a delivery window when I received a phone call from that dept. I reminded her that I would be unavailable and asked if I could choose the window of time they would deliver now. She said I could not, but that I would be able to call back after hours and select the window on an automated line. I never got that call. What I received were calls informing me that I had not paid for installation even though my receipt had an installation fee on it. The toilet was $148 and I paid an additional $110 for delivery, installation, and haul away, but I was told that I needed to pay another $90 plus dollars for installation. Apparently, i had been charged an incorrect price. Three days later, the manager apologized for the original error and agreed to sell me the services for the price I was originally quoted and had already paid, but since it had taken 3 days to get this problem resolved, she could not still guarantee that the toilet would be delivered on Tuesday and stated that would be up to an independent company they contract with for toilet installations. Sure enough, I get a call from the plumbing company at work informing me that they cannot install on Tuesday. So, I told the plumbing company to cancel the order. After work, I hired someone to go to Home Depot Tuesday afternoon and get my toilet and install it for me. However shortly upon awakening Tuesday morning, the manager from Home Depot called me to tell me she cancelled my ENTIRE purchase, not just the delivery, installation, and haul away order, and refunded the money to my debit card without speaking with me first because the independent plumbing company told them I said to cancel the order. Unbelievable. It will be my last trip to that Home Depot. Thinking and communication skills are seriously lacking from top down. And as I was typing this, I received a call from the same woman at the same plumbing company asking me when I want my toilet installed! Lol. Time is too precious of a commodity to waste dealing with this Home Depot and their contractors. Finger's crossed that Lowe's is more professionally run!

Jimandmissy Lima

If you are just running in to pick up a few things then this store is okay. The employees act like they are to busy to do more than direct you to the correct isle. However, if you are ordering anything for delivery or installation then walk away. We ordered a garage door the day after memorial day. The lady that schedules the installations did not call us when there was a credit card issue until 5 days later. Then I reorder the door and everything is correct and she cancels the order. I talk to the corporate office in GA and she gets angry at me because I reported her. Finally 2 weeks ago we finally get the installer out and he tells me that its a basic door that his company buys from Home Depot so it shouldn't be more than a week. Here I am another 2 weeks later and I call Home Depot, talk to the same stupid and rude woman and she says that the installer does not have the door and we can't have it installed for another 2-3 weeks. Like seriously! If she was incompetent in the first place the door would already be installed. I tell her that I have to make a call and decide whether or not to cancel the order. She tells me that we would have to pay a restocking fee if we cancel the order. I went off on her and told her that if we cancel the order the restocking fee will be waived because she screwed up in the first place and she refused to give me the installer's phone number! DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FOR INSTALLATION AT THIS LOCATION!

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