Cactus Mechanical Plumbing Heating

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  • Country: USA
  • State: New Mexico
  • City: Tijeras
  • Address: 118 Gutierrez Canyon Rd, Tijeras, NM 87059, USA
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4 Review(s)
Lori Weiss

What a let down. When I first called for an estimate they made an appointment for that and I went home from work and he was not there, I called and I could hear a TV in the back ground and he was like oh I can be there in 15 20 minutes and I said ok. He gave me an estimate for install of a new water softener in a new home also for install of a spicket on the back of the house because I ha e no outside water sourse.i said great let me call you when I get back from a trip i had to take and the 10th of June I called and I wanted to set up an appointment, they didn't call, I called again Wednesday the 12th then the 14th I called again and said if there has been a death in the family I understand but please call me back, they called and said there was a death in the family and she said that there was an appointment set up for the 20th and someone should have called and told me, well nope, then one hour before the appointment on Thursday the 20th Tom called and said they had do drive to the funeral and would not be back till late Tuesday and would be at my house the 26th at 1pm because they would be to tired to do it at 9am. I pulled everything out of my utility room to make it easy for them to work last Tuesday night, so my hallway and extra bedroom have been a mess, ok besides all that I took off work and sat at my house for over an hour waiting and I called them twice, no call no answer. I run a business and I will always call my customers back and be here for them . I'm so disappointed and sad how much time I have wasted on thses people. Do yourself a favor and call someone else. I wanted to make a new review but It wont let me so i will edit and put it here. Dennis and Arron were on time and very professional ,they did a great job and cleaned up and took my big box that the softener was in for the trash. Cactus mechanical showed up and did a great job!! I'm so impressed with how they responded and called and resecduled. Thank you all for calling back and comming out and doing a great job.

Pamela Salmon

Tom is amazing. I've had him for service in our home a few times and even after normal working hours. He is prompt, friendly, knowledgeable and attentive to a problem until he solves it.

Milford Fletcher

I've had bad luck with plumbers here in the East mountains but when I contacted Cactus mechanical they showed up on time, did good quality work and charge me what I felt was a reasonable price. I recommend them. Milford Fletcher

Felicia Graf

Tom always does a great job! We've had a water leak, a cracked pipe, and had to replace a water heater - every time we called him he came out the SAME day. One time was even after 5:00 p.m.! I always feel the charge is fair and being able to have a regular plumber that we trust is a huge relief. Thanks Cactus Mechanical!

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