P & C Plumbing

5 reviews
  • Country: USA
  • State: New Mexico
  • City: Clovis
  • Address: 2613 Sheldon St, Clovis, NM 88101, USA
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5 Review(s)
Judy Lopez

P&C Plumbing does quality and affordable work. I was having issues with my plumbing and they replaced the sewer line for me. Since the. I have not had any problems with my sewer.

Rita Medina

Don't have a clue as to who this company is. Did not use so I don't know where you got your information from

lynette gauna

Honestly to all people in clovis this company sucks Paul Aragon is a hustler when it comes to laying pipe he can squeeze a lemon and turn it into cash ...he uses the parts he has and rigs everything to finish the job quick and less costly

Sean Lucas

Showed up much sooner than i had expected, got to work, and took care of a clog in the sewer pipe in our back yard. They got the job done in an hour, didn't milk for time, and made some great suggestions on other issues i had. Overall, I'm very satisfied with his services, and i would call again.

Ashley Maldonado

I've never had to use this company but if I ever needed a plumber I'd definitely never call this company. He pulled out onto Thornton pulling a trailer with a tractor on it (no working lights on the trailer either) and forced me, along with a truck and bus coming the opposite way, off the road. I was so upset because not only am I 8 months pregnant but I also had my other two kids in the car taking them to school and he could've seriously hurt not only us but others. I followed him into Barry parking lot to see what company logo he had on his truck to call and report him. He also had a child in the vehicle he was dropping off and he didn't seem to care about his own child's life. I followed him out of the parking lot and headed toward the light at Llano and Thornton where he then pulled out into oncoming traffic and cut them off to make the right hand turn. I was furious! I googled the company and called the number on the website. A man answered and I could hear music in the background and thought this was probably the jerk that's driving that same truck. So I asked if he was the idiot going down Llano pulling a tractor. He said yea right away and I kinda went off on him and demanded to know who the owner was. He said he was the owner and then said, "sorry but I had to pull out like that in front of everybody because my brakes couldn't handle the load I'm carrying". So I told him not only was he a dumb ass with no regards for the safety of others or his own child but also didn't have any knowledge of how to pull a trailer so maybe he shouldn't be and he then attempted to go off on ME!!! Piss poor attitude from a man who owns a company that'll probably rip anyone and everyone off if he's this horrible of a person! Don't hire them!

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