E&M Plumbing Company

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  • Country: USA
  • State: Michigan
  • City: Eureka
  • Address: 101 Dreyer Ave, Eureka, MO 63025, USA
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Jessica Gates

Plumbing company located in the heart of downtown Eureka. We have purchased a watersoftener from them and they installed it. We've had the softener for nearly 5 years now and have not needed to call on them once. We purchased an Ecowater Water Softener. We couldn't be more pleased with E&M Plumbing or the softener that we chose. We highly recommend them!

jdt scrap

The people at E&M Plumbing are wonderful! Great job done at a fair price!

Pat Hiles

This place doesn't everything, start with delightful girl who listens to your problem, and makes sure it gets to the right people. Reasonable , fast and guaranteed satisfaction. Love doing business with them..

Noah T

Not at all recommended. Had an inspection report on house with very clear-cut items that needed to be done. Had several people within E&M say this would be no problem to provide a quote and had to follow-up multiple times to get them to actually get the quote. Then twice had one person (Danielle) intervene and insist they do a $100 dollar service visit first to determine what is wrong and provide a quote even though the inspection clearly outlines the items and they are very basic (replacement of pvc pipe). Basically, the repairs are minor/inexpensive and they want to charge an additional base fee to make it worth their time rather than just be honest with client. Also they refuse to charge based on hourly charge, so basically they can charge you whatever they want...and you will already be $100 down for initial fee so they have you invested already...not worth headache and run-around.

Paul WasHere

Good prompt service, but the cost was ridiculous - $295 to replace a kitchen faucet (45min of work) . I'm very ashamed for spending that much on something I should have done myself.

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