Evans Sewer & Drain Cleaning

4 reviews
  • Country: USA
  • State: Michigan
  • City: Detroit
  • Address: 15467 Littlefield St, Detroit, MI 48227, USA
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4 Review(s)
Kam Thomas

Called Mr. Evans, he was extremely professional and quick. Rates reasonable and he offered a warranty which isn't always done by other companies. Contrary to one if the comments he's still in business. The other commenter may have been referencing his father who retired but the son has taken over and is still in business. Will definitely use him again.

Annette Torbert

Mr. Evans is very knowledgeable and provides the best customer service. I highly recommend him and he is trustworthy.

Partners N Trust

They had service this home before I got it I think for 20 years. The previous owner of the home referred them to me. They are the only one that know how to keep my basement from flooding. He would go out in my backyard and go in a hole out there in the ground and snake it out. The first time my basement flooded since being the new homeowner was in 2013. Before I could catch up with Evans two other plumbers came out and could not open the drains. Talking about need this or that dug up and I knew that was not true. I am low income on a small fixed disability income so I can't afford stuff like that. I finally was able to get Evans and he told me not to believe what they said. He knew what needed to be done and came out and snake out I think it may be call the cleanout drain in my backyard. I had no problems for 5 years until now. As I type this and it's raining again and its flooding again in my basement. Now my water heater have gone out. I wish Evans still did plumbing. I tried to get them but was told he not do plumbing anymore and he referred me to someone else. The person that was referred is of no help for they not know where the spot at in the backyard like the Evans know. I had tried calling/texting Evans to see if he can tell the person he referred where that cleanout at in the backyard. But unfortunately, I can't get no answer back. I wish I could for my basement will stop flooding when it rain...it started May 12, 2018. I use water pump to pump it out and well the floor drain still plug...so it rain again yesterday and now it's raining again. I'm disabled and it's hard to get around...but I have to do what I have to do...keep pumping water out. I just wish Evans would give me a hand if he still in business instead of referring me out to this other plumber that don't have a clue to where cleanout drain or storm drain at in my backyard. I wish some of these plumbers knew what I talk about and can find and snake that hole in ground in my backyard. So far the Evans people are the only one that know the whereabouts in my yard. Just so sad and weary and tired of basement flooding. I have a toddler grandson here with me and we need our hot water heater back working...but as long as rain coming in no one can see about it. All I can say the Evans plumbers are good plumbers wish they would come back and service my home is my prayers and stop this basement flooding for me.

Payton Madison

If I could give no stars I would give no stars because this man came out and told me a price on a job then gave me the run around for 2 weeks and never showed up to do the job I called him I text him I actually never even talked to him we only talk through text this guy is not trustworthy at all

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