Suburban Mechanical Service, a Division of R. W. LaPine Inc.

5 reviews
  • Country: USA
  • State: Michigan
  • City: Kalamazoo
  • Address: 5140 E ML Ave, Kalamazoo, MI 49048, USA
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Working hours
  • Monday: 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM
  • Tuesday: 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM
  • Wednesday: 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM
  • Thursday: 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM
  • Friday: 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed
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5 Review(s)

Twice now they have come out to our house to fix our old furnace in the middle of the night and during the dead of winter. Always professional, always quick and prompt. Very reasonable rates. My wife and I are very impressed and will continue to call on Suburban.

Jon Williamson

I am a bit disappointed in this company. Just had a $1800 (approx) furnace put into a home. I I dropped off the key on Wednesday, Dec. 10. They did the job on Friday, December 12th. The furnace install seems to have been done properly. I asked them specifically to leave the old furnace in the garage so we could scrap it.Nope, they hauled it away. Instead of bringing the key to this empty house back to their office for me to pick up, they left it on a counter. This would have been a BIG problem if my brand new key had not worked. Overall, their work is good, but they are pretty bad about the details. Not sure I'd ever use them again. If you choose to use them, you're going to have to watch the details like a hawk.

Lemoin Shadduck

Suburban Mechanical installed a Lennox 96% efficient furnace and an air conditioner with a SEER rating of 15.50 this summer (June 2013). I am a retired Senior Mechanical Project Engineer and was really impressed with the quality and professionalism of their company and their installation crew. The replacement of both existing units was completed in 2 days with their very knowledgeable and efficient workman. When they finished working the site was left cleaner then before they started the project.

James Willis

Was referred to use them for a furnace replacement. Even though they did a decent job with the replacement, it was quite pricey compared to other quotes in the area. I left them at my house all day to replace the furnace, and the next week or so I had a small dripping leak. They came out and looked at it and charged me again for the "fix", after a large expensive replacement..(nice). Then I was told my air conditioner was broken, the same day they replaced my furnace. Huh, thats odd, it was working fine until then. I had someone from another company look at my air conditioner who told me suburban was under new ownership and that my unit was only 10 years old and he never see's that unit break down, and need to be completely replaced like suburban had told me. He noticed a part that doesn't belong on the air conditioner and asked If I had ever had service on it, which I haven't. He then tell's me that he thinks suburban purposely tampered with my air conditioner. He also told me he could replace my furnace and air conditioner for the price of just my furnace replacement with suburban. Very disappointed..

Jill Smith

If they have to replace a part that isn't on the truck, there is not another charge for a service call. What they do though, is over-inflate the amount of time it takes to install the part to make up for that. And if you ask how long it takes, call around to other places to make sure, because what they say on the phone to you is "wriiten in stone" and if it turns out that you were told incorrect information, you will still be responsible for the amount you were told on the phone. Makes no sense? I know.

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