J-Goods Plumbing and Heating

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  • Country: USA
  • State: Michigan
  • City: Negaunee
  • Address: 701 Everett St #1545, Negaunee, MI 49866, USA
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  • Monday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
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5 Review(s)
Patrick Haydon

Wish that 1/10 of a star was an option on here. Called for possible furnace warranty repair. Ended up being something done to T stat wire while other work was being done on house. No call to say what was wrong or estimate when they figured out the problem.They fixed and Over charged compared to competition. No itemized bill. Not once did I expect to get a freebie or some sort of reduction in price, just wanted to know what I was paying for which every customer generally has a right to know. Company Owner had attitude when trying to make sense of bill and figure out what was parts and what was labor, called him out on it. Said very rude things to me on phone when he doesn't know my personal situation. Told me to come in and talk. He apologized, I had family personal stuff going on and forgot to pay bill was about 60 days past due. I paid the total amount in full when I went to talk to company owner. However if you are a business/sales person/owner you do not treat and say things to paying customers this way, even if customer is dissatisfied and has choice words. After working retail sales for 10 years serving the general public I have had a lot of awful and ignorant things said to me by customers. Not ever once have I thought about saying the kind of stuff the owner said to me on the phone to a customer. I will not be a returning customer even though there is still a warranty on the equipment the previous owners had installed. Not to mention I am now stuck with patching my wall from tech drilling 3/4in or larger holes in wall to run the wire to splice into the basement. I can't recommend this company to anyone. The owner also stated "If your friends or people you know are anything like you I wouldn't want to do work for them anyways." Doesn't sound like he needs any of our business. No hard feelings to the company owner as he did try to make amends, just want other perspective customers to be aware of my experience.

Scott Jensen

They did a great job working on my furniture store in Marquette!

greg olson

They were quick to show up when my furnace was out. Didn’t have the part in stock which was misdiagnosed as the problem. Said it would take at least four days to get the part. Hard to go four days with no heat. Called around, got someone else to come look at it, cleaned off a different switch and had it up and running. They Still charged me 100 bucks for a misdiagnostics.

Carrie Ann

They installed a new furnace and hot water tank for me. Very professional and honest! Both were installed quickly and I was given a fair price. Will definitely go to JGoods for all of my heating and plumbing in the future. Thank you!!!

Sherry C

Best Plumbing Business in Marquette! Great prices, service, and they are honest. They did a great job installing my digital thermastat, Central Air/Heat Pump and new furnace. The owner Jon also took the time to check the job and show me how to operate the new equipment.

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