CSC Plumbing and Heating

5 reviews
  • Country: USA
  • State: Massachusetts
  • City: Medford
  • Address: 407 Rear Mystic Ave suite 34B, Medford, MA 02155, USA
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5 Review(s)
Tom Liev

I decided to use this plumber solely on the reviews and that was a big mistake. I have never written a negative review in my lifetime about a business since I also own my business and know how difficult customers can be sometimes. I scheduled an appointment with this company at a certain time but they showed up 4 hours earlier and I was not home. They rang the bell came in did the work in under 1 hour which was a very simple job with very little supplies necessary. They charged twice what the normal cost of the job would be and took advantage of the person who was home just because she was a woman. I gave the business owner a chance to respond to my complaints instead to be called a liar who is trying to cheat them and several other names. They claimed that they charged per hour labor from the time they got the call and left whatever location they were at trying to explain the outrageous price and that I had to pay for time and gas for them to travel to me which I live less than one mile away. Then they said they charge a flat fee for this specific job each time which is false because I explained the job and even texted them a picture and they said that they need to come out to see it to give me a price. They did try hard to explain the over inflated price in which there is no explanation. They even charged in the invoice for the appointment even though they claimed to waive that once they start doing the work. There was no break down of labor costs, cost of parts just a huge total with an appointment charge added on. They said they would offer a discount on my next job or a $50 discount because they know they did me wrong. I feel completely taken advantage of and I was not home to approve this job and it is a shameful to take advantage of women to make profit. I believe in making an honest living. This was not honest at all what they did. Proceed with caution with this plumber.

Steven Pugh

Hi I had to go with another company for condo rules/insurance reasons, but these guys are extremely responsive, and were ready for next day service. No BS, upfront with costs, gave experienced opinions. Definitely will keep them in the electronic Rolodex.

rebecca jenkins

"I needed to again have some plumbing work on my home. My hot water heater was not working well at keeping the water at a good temperature. I called in the morning and they sent someone out right away. The price and service were good." Becka, Medford

Joe Marotta

These guys came out on a weekend and did a terrific job. My heat was out and I needed help, right away. They had the heat going in a few hours after replacing some faulty valves. They were neat, courteous and I did the job for a reasonable rate. I would defintely use again.

Anthony Demeo

Quick to schedule a service call for a broken hot water heater. They came out the same afternoon and fixed the problem for $300 including parts. Most others we talked to were recommending a complete replacement. Unsure how long we would be staying in the house so this was the best course of action. Would use again.

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