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  • State: Tennessee
  • City: Brentwood
  • Address: 8101 Moores Ln, Brentwood, TN 37027, USA
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gary witkin

Seems like the left hand doesn't know what the right is doing. I've been trying to place a $6,000. order for carpeting for nearly 2 weeks now. The salesman was very knowledgeable even to the point of dissuading us from spending on higher priced carpeting as they are so backed up on installations! So we picked items on special towers that are cheaper & supposedly have quicker installs. So I picked samples from the promotional towers. It took 3-5 days to then get a written quote. (a 3rd party installer). That quote came in at $6,995. I explained it was not specific re: what was able to be moved or dis-assembled. So the saleman called me back. He told me they added costs that were unnecessary for what I wanted. A day later I got a new quote for $6,000. which was better. Now, I can't do 1 of the 3 estimated parts as they could not be specific re: what was to be done with larger pieces so I eliminated the great room from the estimate. I was going to call in the order for the 2 remaining parts but when I reviewed that updated order it was incorrect as the quoted basement steps carpet they now chose to use in the upstairs bedrooms which replaced the better carpet I previously chose? How? Why? Today in trying to get clarification I waited 7 hours and got no response. She (The Asst. Store Mgr) was checking with whoever so I called back. Still no resolution after waiting the whole day. Can this Company make it any more difficult to buy carpeting? I give up.

Jack Brunson Jr

My mother went here to have her bathroom kitchen and bathrooms countertops replaced, as well as have new tile installed on the floors in all three rooms. The old tile was already removed. They took advantage of my 70 year old mother and completed sub-par work. Her refrigerator will no longer slide in under her cabinets. The "designer" suggested she get cheap $20 metal bathroom sinks and go with quartz at the same price as granite. They charged almost $600 just to unhook and re-hook up three faucets. The second installer came out and told her to complain to HD about what they sold her and about the shoddy work the previous contractor had completed. They left white mortar mess all the way down the side of her place (yard into drainage). They charged her a huge disposal fee, yet left stuff like an old wax ring seal for toilets sitting in her tubs. The tile in the bathroom, they cut one of the A/C vents off by almost two inches so you cannot reinstall the vent into the hole. The tile under the toilet is off, so you have a 1/8" gap from one tile to the next. Heard of thin set? They then used corner round we had purchased to use in the living room on these projects instead of using their own. Lastly, they did not install the threshold from tile to bedroom carpet between these transitions. We have been trying to contact them, as well as the contractor to come back out, but no one has responded to date. Tisk-tisk Home Depot, taking advantage of the elderly. You should be ashamed.

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