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  • Address: 952 Richards Ln, Santa Fe, NM 87507, USA
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3 Review(s)
Adam Valerio

Horrible experience!! My wife and I are building a new home and went to get tile and carpet from Home Depot. We met with Randy who seemed nice but we later found out she was very deceptive. We picked out our tile which she told us was a porcelain tile went through everything and asked us if we wanted to lay the tile side by side or staggered thinking we were just having a casual conversation...more about this porcelain tile and staggered tile later. She gave us a total and the wife and I went home to think about it since this job was going to cost over 15k for our brand new house and is quite an expense. We got a quote that didn't even have a breakdown it just listed stuff and had a total at the bottom of the list. After much consideration we decided this was the best price and ordered by calling her on the phone and asked for a receipt...we never got one. Set up installation expecting a receipt then, we never got one. Installation for the tile was finished and done poorly but HOM Solutions, Home Depots recommended installer that they use. Only after the entire house was almost completed did they try to fix the tile and by this time would cause a huge mess in the house with baseboards, dust on walls and our special plaster we have inside the house. We had to close on our house which is why everything in the house was done after the tile install and couldn't have the tile redone because it would have pushed us back almost two months causing added interest payments on our construction loan. Now we need to see how much credit we have for a new tile TADA I finally get my receipt I've been asking for. While going through the receipt not only do I see they lied about our tile being porcelain and 70% off it was just a cheap ceramic tile...then they charged us $1,371.00 to lay the tile staggered and never told us that was an extra charge because they didn't send us a receipt nor did it have an amount for this layout on the quote. So now we have to pay for the difference of the tile that is porcelain which came out to 1700+ but they won't refund us that 1371.00 charge because the job was already done and the installer gets paid extra to lay it this way (both Victoria the expediter and Jose the store manager told me this) also a lie because I spoke to the installer after and he said he doesn't get more money for staggering the tile! Shady business practice if you ask me. So not only can we not move into our house because our tile is so bad it's a tripping hazard but we are out an extra 3000.00 because we were deceived about what we were paying for LABOR WISE AND TILE WISE!! They said they could give us a receipt until everything was paid for and we never got one until the job had to be redone. I will never shop at this Home Depot AGAIN!! It's been almost 2 months and hasn't been taken care of!!

john singh

Called for a measurement for my front and back yard for turf installation, charged me over the phone and they never got back to me abd weeks later when i called them asking about everything all of the sudden our order or anything is not even in the system but they charged me haha hell with this place and when you call they'll transfer you to 30 different people, what a joke no one does their job right!

Robert Martinez

Ggreat parts

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