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  • Country: USA
  • State: New Mexico
  • City: Albuquerque
  • Address: 6201 2nd St NW, Albuquerque, NM 87107, USA
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  • Monday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
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3 Review(s)
John Mutter

I have had several large and small jobs completed at my home by this company. Contrary to the one person who has left a less-than-stellar review, I have always been extremely happy with the work performed. I found that they are actually far more reasonable to work with than any other plumbing company I have ever hired, and found that their prices were SIGNIFICANTLY lower, and the quality of their work significantly better. They have installed a 70 foot under-house length of gas pipeline for me to power a pool heater, they have repaired all the bad plumbing that was present in my mid century home after we purchased it desperately needing work, they have replaced my swamp cooler which required a crane, and they have installed recessed lighting in our living room. So truly, jobs big and small (mostly big) over a period of three years. All done correctly and at a price I thought was better than competitive. I highly recommend them.

Christie Carroll

I was connected with US Home Renovation through Lowe's installing service. Met with David for an initial estimate for two swamp cooler removal/installations. He was on time, courteous, informative, and didn't try to oversell anything. He gave me the facts I needed to make an informed decision. When it was time for the install, he and a colleague worked efficiently and with concern for my scheduling needs. Days later, when one of the coolers was not working optimally, he came by that same day to take a look and make adjustments. Everything has been working great since. David has been accessible, easy to communicate with, and pleasant throughout this process. I look forward to working with him on future home needs.

Stephanie Kitts

We bought a whole new kitchen's worth of appliances from Lowes after purchasing a new home with really old, practically unusable appliances. The typical installer wasn't available to do the install for two weeks, so Lowes contacted and sent Pavel from US Home Renovation. My list of less-than-stellar experiences with Pavel started before he even began the job. On the day of the install, I received a call from Pavel in which he was complaining because he made an assumption that our appliances were at the Juan Tabo Lowes and just went there rather than looking at his paperwork to see where they actually were. After about 3 minutes of griping and complaining about the drive, he finally told me when he expected to be there. Upon arrival, he complained that there were other workers at the house and said he didn't like to work when other people were around and we should have told him there would be other workers there. Again, after griping and complaining, he proceeded with the install. As it turned out, he wasn't able to install any of the appliances due to a lack of parts. While this was definitely not his fault, he proceeded to complain about the process and told me that he couldn't believe Lowes would even send him out with the appliances before he came to inspect the kitchen. He tried insisting on leaving the appliances at our house despite the fact that we repeatedly told him we didn't have the room to do so. He explained the next steps to me and when he left I was under the impression that he would be taking care of the missing parts and rescheduling us. Instead, I had to call him to make sure all of it would get done and he seemed surprised when I said I wanted to reschedule. He told me he didn't have access to his schedule and would call me later that night. He didn't. The next day I called Lowes to explain the situation and make sure I got on his schedule. Thankfully, Lowes installed sales staff was extremely helpful and worked as the go-between to make sure the installs were rescheduled. On the day of the second install, Pavel seemed much less impatient and did his job without much complaining. However, my partner overheard him on the phone complaining about us saying he wasn't able to get something done because of us. Thankfully our appliances are all installed and working as they should, but overall I am extremely disappointed in Pavel's lack of tact and customer service.Obviously everything that happened, from going to the wrong store to missing parts needed to complete the job, was less than ideal for both parties. But none of that was my fault, and even if it were, he should not be taking it out on his clients.

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